Our Services

At Old Glory, we specialize in three service areas:

  • - Small Business
  • - Human Resource Professionals
  • - Individuals and Families


Small Business

You don’t need to be a grand company to offer a great benefits package for your employees. Many options exist for companies of any size. Once we determine your requirements, we assemble health, dental, disability and other benefits opportunities that are not only affordable and appealing for your employees but also position you as an attractive employer for top tier candidates.

** We offer a free 1-hour consultation to veterans-owned small businesses **

Human Resource Professionals

We work with small and mid-size companies who appreciate our hands-on approach to designing customized, comprehensive benefits packages.  We know onboarding is costly and time-consuming, so our client-centric approach ensures the development of customized benefits packages aligned with your unique corporate hiring, incentivization and retention strategies in mind. Old Glory wants your employees to benefit from their benefits decisions for years to come – whether they are line, middle management or C-level employees.

Individuals & Families

Whether you find navigating the Covered California landscape challenging; are grappling with the question, “To COBRA or not to COBRA?”; or if you or your family are simply looking to make changes to your insurance, but discovered the process is anything but simple, then we can help.


Our Process

At Old Glory, we value personal service and are committed to taking whatever time is necessary to educate our clients so they can make well-informed decisions. We accompany them along the benefits evaluation journey and spend significant time researching the ever-changing dynamics of the financial and insurance markets so we can be of service.

On the financial services side, Old Glory provides complimentary consultation services to city and county agencies and individual public servants in the areas of pension maximization strategies and retirement planning. Our service network includes licensed securities and financial investment brokers who work in concert with us to fulfill curated benefits plans.

Clients work directly with one of our principals from intake to execution- and beyond.  We provide the same degree of personalized service for every client, whether they are small business owners, human resource professionals, or individuals and families:

  • Phase IGoal Setting:  We sit down personally with each client to discuss their short-term and long-range goals, and general options for approaching each one.
  • Phase IIDesign: Our principals research and evaluate options based on client input and the benefits options that align best with their goals.
  • Phase IIIClient Presentation and Collaboration: Our principals present their recommendations and discuss issues and concerns prior to the final decision.
  • Phase IVImplementation: Contracting and onboarding activities, including employee one-on-one meetings to educate them on the options plans and facilitate their enrollment.
  • Phase V – Post-Engagement: Following implementation, we remain available to answer questions, assist with troubleshooting, and design subsequent benefits packages as needed.

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