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I have had the pleasure of knowing/working with Jason for couple years now.
He is a great insurance agent and a wonderful friend how knows A LOT about insurance , when I asked about the options I might have I felt I have taken an insurance course , he gave me lots of information and options in a way which was so easy to understand and that was so important for me as I always had problem understanding insurances and their coverages. He helped me to get insurance for my company and I can't say enough about how fast and quick he did it.
I highly recommend Jason and his company to work with as their excellent service will amaze you and you will get the right plan without paying too much at right price.

Mehrdad C. San Jose, CA

After years of settling with terrible insurance, I was blessed to find Jason. He helped me and my family find an insurance package that finally makes sense and allows me to sleep much better at night.

On top of putting the package together, Jason patiently helped us get through the maze of phone trees to ensure that we were signed up correctly and properly taken care of.

Jason is phenomenal and has an old school "people first" attitude about his clients.

As I said...I feel blessed to have found him and truly appreciate what he has done for my family.

Chapin H. Morgan Hill, CA

I've been getting health insurance plans on my own and it always takes me forever to sign up for something. This year I decided to try out an insurance service and was very happy with it! I emailed Jason giving him a bit of history about what my current health insurance is like and he helped pick out plans that he thought would be right for me.

What was great was that we met up in person and could answer all the questions I had. We had a bit of emailing back and forth because the plans I was originally looking at ended up not being right for me, but Jason was always really upbeat and positive even though he had to do extra work. He also has a really quick response time to emails which is fantastic!

Jason knows his insurance plans well and I would recommend him to anyone who has no clue what health insurance to get! He is really great at making sure you understand what you're signing up for. Also, unlike other insurance agents I've had in the past, he is willing to meet with you to go over plans if needed!

Angel K. San Jose, CA

Jason is fantastic. Firstly, he helps small businesses evaluate insurance options and select the best one for their needs. He doesn't just let the renewal happen; he re-evaluates prior to the renewal date to make sure you are still getting what is best for the company. He has saved my company money through these evaluations and plan selection ideas. And he saved a friend's small business at least 6K by evaluating their needs and changing their plan.

Recently my business had an issue with Covered California continuing to charge for a previous employee, even though the paperwork was submitted when they left. He straightened it all out and we did not have to worry, or work on it. I love working with such a reliable and responsive agent like Jason. Previous agents have not been as helpful. Thank you Jason for all that you do for us.

I highly recommend Jason for personal and business health insurance needs!

KJ W. Cupertino, CA

Jason is super speedy and very friendly. This month, he helped with personal health insurance. Three days before the health insurance open enrollment ended, he provided affordable and realistic options. Jason worked to make sure that we understood each plan and what it would cover; he even had options in case we missed the open enrollment window. He was available by email and phone throughout the application process.

Not only does he work with individuals, he works with companies as well. As my business grows and needs health insurance for my company, I will look to him for support. I know I'll be in capable hands and that he'll provide a great value!

Emily D. San Jose, CA

Jason is as good as it gets. As a small business owner, I rarely have time to think about my insurance needs. It is great to know that I have an agent who will protect me, my family and my business. Thanks Jason!

Paul S. San Jose, CA

I have worked with Jason and his company for years with our company. He has provided exceptional service and numerous insurance options to ensure my employees have good coverage while doing his best to stay within our desired budget. Time and time again, Jason has risen to the occasion to address issues that have come up along the way. Jason is extremely resourceful and professional, always looking out for our best interests. I feel fortunate to have met Jason and look forward to many years of continued support for our growing business.

Dale W. San Jose, CA

Jason was able to quickly and easily add coverage for me and my family to my employer's health plan. He was quick to respond when we had questions or needed more information. I highly recommend Jason when you are looking to understand the offerings and find the right plan for you.

Julie D. San Jose, CA

I was recently referred to Jason at Old Glory Insurance Services by a friend of mine. Jason made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to provide the best plan specifically for me. After explaining to him what I was looking for he suggested a few different plans that he thought would best suite my needs. He walked me through each of them to help me make the right decision. I was in a bit of a time crunch and so he even made it available to contact him over the weekend. He was so helpful and knowledgable and patiently answered all my questions. I felt confident purchasing my insurance through this company because of the honest answers that I received. I will definitely recommend him and this company to anyone in search of great health insurance services.

Amber R. San Jose, CA

Jason is a health saver! I recently had a problem with my insurance coverage and what I was charged. I didn't really understand my plan and I had the wrong coverage. Enter Jason! He helped me find the right plan and coverage for my personal needs and helped my wife change to something more appropriate for her! Going into the whole process I didn't know nearly enough to be protected. With Jason's patient and pressure free assistance, both my wife and I are safe and secure. Plus, we both now understand what we get and what to expect. A lot of people sell insurance, not everyone can make it feel like you are winning a prize when you do. Thanks Jason!

Ross P. Los Gatos, CA